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Service Learning

The NAE Grand Challenge Scholars program requires a service learning experience to deepen the student’s motivation to bring their technical expertise to bear on societal problems.

As of August 2017, these are the courses that have received the official Service-Learning (S) course designation by the University and can be used to satisfy the Service Learning requirement for Engineering Honors Concentrations and the Grand Challenge Scholars Program.


Course Prereq Comments Spring 2019
BAS 370S: Advertising Management and Optimization Strategies
(3 hours)
Stat 201 or 207 or 251 Course is intended for juniors or seniors in marketing or business analytics. Registration Permission: Consent of instructor.
ENT 410S: Leadership in Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurship
(3 hours)
None Registration Restriction(s): Minimum of 45 completed credit hours.
GEOL 202S: Earth as Ecosystem: Modern Problems and Solutions
(3 hours)
None  Study of the earth as an integrated system between physical and biological processes. Focus is on human disturbances, such as habitat destruction and pollution. Satisfies General Education Requirement: (NS).  MWF 1:25-2:15
GEOG/GEOL 206S: Sustainability Reducing our Impact on Planet Earth
(3 hours)
None An introduction to the field of “sustainable living,” which emphasizes reducing the environmental footprint of individuals and cultures. Topics include: environmental footprints, green living, green consumerism, ethical consumption, voluntary simplicity, green technologies and other ways for people to reduce their environmental impact.
Honors EF 327
(2 hours)
None Course is intended for Engineering students participating in the Cook Grand Challenge Honors Program.     W 2:30-4:25
PHIL 255S: Sustainability Ethics
(5 hours)
None An introduction to the concept and ethical implications of sustainability.  MWF 1:25-2:15
PHIL 256S: Social Justice
(5 hours)
SPAN 494S: Spanish Community Service Practicum
(1 hour)
Completed 18 hours of upper-division Spanish. Consent of instructor.
     F 3:35-4:25

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