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Comparison of EHC and HSP

Comparison of the Engineering Honors Concentration (EHC) and Chancellors Honors Program (CHP) Requirements

Writing Sequence None ENGL 198 and 2981
Honors Courses Six courses:
-4 at 100-200 level
(at least 2 in STEM areas2)
-2 upper division courses in major
Five additional courses3
Senior Thesis None Honors thesis or project4

Breadth Requirements


Students must have approved experiences in two of the following areas:

  • Research
  • Interdisciplinary Coursework
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Experience
  • Service-Learning

One of these must be at an Intermediate level and the other at an Introductory level. More details are here »


  • Students must undertake approved international/intercultural learning to fulfill the Chancellor’s Honors Program graduation requirements (e.g., a study-abroad program, an international research or service experience, intercultural experience, completion of an undergraduate major or minor in a modern foreign language).5
  • Students are required to attend at least three honors-approved events each semester and complete 25 hours of documented community service each year.
  1. These can count as two of the EHC honors courses
  2. Engineering Fundamentals, Physics, Math, Chemistry, Biology, or Statistics
  3. If chosen wisely, most of these courses would also satisfy the EHC requirement.
  4. The capstone design course sequence that all engineering students complete as seniors will satisfy this requirement provided that the Honors Thesis Project paperwork and a copy of the thesis project is submitted to the CHP office.
  5. Most of these will also satisfy the EHC Global Experience requirement.

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